A few photos from the Harvest Hoot held at Crowne Plaza Nashua NH 9/17/2010, Red Hat Fun Seekers of Nashua really know how to throw a party.  Thank you Queen Kathleen and Company!  Great job!  Good time!  Lovely luncheon...
Mother/Daughter team Queen Kathleen and able assistant Karol welcome the hatters!
Queen Doris and daughter Helen
In a hat of her own creation, Joan stands with daughter Debbie at her
vendor table. Debbie makes lovely jewelry, necklaces, earrings etc.
Queen Delores and friend Kendyl from RISE and Shine Red Hats of Nashua check out the raffle items.
Linda D from the Scarlet O'Hatters of East Kingston and me...plotting to get to the DJs!
Tom and Jeremy of  Get Down Tonight Entertainment, helped us dance the afternoon away...
Shopping at Queen Lorraine's booth of many hats!
Start with DESSERT just in case...
Great food, well-prepared and presented. and someone else did the dishes!! yah yah
And then there was the HAT CONTEST!! such creativity... applause!
Sorry, I have some names, and am not sure in all instances the names match the faces/hats.... I am the worst reporter...but here are some names
Denise, Mary Ellen, Doris and Doris2.0, Irene and Irene 2.0, Mary, Joan, Linda, Arlene, Bea, Betty, Eileen.  Thanks for sharing your creativity!
Lady of the many hats
Chicken hat on roost of wreath...hmm could be Mary Ellen?
sitting next to harvest hat....by Doris
Below: Pink Hatter Denise with her
Harvest Creation on Pink
Elvis and red panties?  I am so sorry
the name here evades me...very nice lady and very creative as well as a good dancer!!
Front and back delightful..
Better view of Doris's confection above
Someone's purple birthday creation...
We had several birthday months in attendance. Doris and Joan wore their candle hats and sang to each b'day lady.
Very fun...sadly, I didn't get a picture of that ...yeesh
"This is dedicated to the ladies I love..."
says Queen...oh bother...I forget...
another fall creation,with turkey!
Red Hat Ladies are dolls!
Hatter Eileen worked hard on this one!  A beauty
The Lovely Queen Irene and her fall creation...
Joan and her creation....sang Happy Birthday with Doris...Sparkling Duet!
To the left: Linda D with her Strawberry Daquirie creation
Nora's very professional looking creation...very boogie woogie bugler boy! 
Andrew Sisters! 
The finalists....very close competition