From the Scarlett O'Hatters Fall Gala at the Granite Rose Oct 25th, 2008.  Queen Barbara Puma and her committee did it grandly. Thank you ladies for all your efforts.  All proceeds from the raffles will benefit local charities as Christmas approaches.
And a sad disclaimer: I am absolutely horrid at remembering anyone's name.
tsk tsk I should write them down but that would mean carrying a notepad as well as a camera... sigh

This group belongs to Queen Lorry of the Red Hat Sizzlers.  Photo by retired Queen Mel.  Lookin' good ladies!
Note the elegantly laid table. The wait staff was excellent as well.
There were 364 Ladies in attendance and the colors and outfits were dazzlin'!
Lillian K and her hatting friends toast the day, "Let it be grand" and it was indeed.
Smiles on the shore of a red and purple tsunami!  So many lovely ladies....
Feisty and Fun that's our motto and here it is personified!  Wish you could see the top/back of hat!  And the outfit, as was her companion, tres glam!
Queen Linda, Miatamam Marie and tablemates all donned witches hats to bring the season to the Gala!  Altho, these smiling faces wouldnt scare anyone, they must all be related to Glinda, Dorothy's good witch friend!
The Granite Rose served family style salad.  The rolls were hot and tempting.
The Devil's work? Temptation also came later as the dessert was ice cream capped with puff pastry and dripping in chocolate sauce.
Ladies Doris and Frances enjoyed all the festivities.
Queen Katella, webmistress and queen of "Hats On!" with her Vice Queen Joanne and QK's guest from the Strawberry Jam Tarts of Perth, Australia,
Audrey Williams, all enjoyed shopping and meeting and greeting all hatters.
Jeanie Wiggin, Queen and Owner of the Petite Chapeau Rouge in Dover NH provided a fully outfitted vendor table and then outfitted several hatters for a fashion show.. Her granddaughter Bailey, a very young pink hatter, was beyond adorable.
Someone sent two lovely pix of Bailey.. they are at the bottom of page. Thanks!
Fashion Finale was a fabulous parade of bathing beauts, ahem beauties, in bikinies with red hat society tatooed on their backsides!
Their parading antics brought smiles and laughter to all the hatters!  Thanks ladies, you are the BOMB!
The Flasher? Flashing light sunglasses!
Queen Barbara Puma, of the Seacoast Scarlett O'Hatters and hostess chapter of the Annual Gala Event, with Australian "Tart", Audrey Williams.
Standing in the back in this photo is Janice who has recovered from her accident and removed her brace. Lady Janice always wears a smile and seeing her brings a smile to me. 
The Gala Committee promised a surprise entertainer and boy did they deliver the goods!
We were enthusiastically adoring his great voice, his stage presence,  and he gave out all those scarves and teddy bears you see behind him on the table!
Elvis was "hot" in more ways than one, so Queen Katella, that's me, went up with her big Las Vegas feather fan and attempted to cool him off as he sang "Fallin in Love With You"...
Feather Fans are always welcome additions to any Hatter wardrobe. The bigger the better!
Audrey snagged a scarf from Elvis, then snagged HIM!  Way to go GF!
Queen Linda, of Diamonds and Furs, Audrey of Australia, Queen Joanne of Red Hat Divas, and Lady Marie enjoy the wonderful outdoor settings at the Granite Rose. Always room for one more.
Some Elvis Impersonators just don't measure up... tho the sideburns are good....
I want to thank the following for their
photos and picture taking:

Irene Jenesse, Mel Schunnen, Audrey Williams, Joanne Paradis
Nancy and Mel practicing their queen wave!
Backlit Red Hat Sizzlers!  It was a beauty of a day outside. Lady Terry and Lady Jean enjoy their window seats.
Queen Mel, the King and Lady Terry enjoy a moment after the show. Elvis
gave Lady Terry a scarf as he sang during the show!  He also tossed around teddy bears!
Thanks to Queen Barabara Puma and her chapter for a wonderful day of fun and friendship!  Your efforts are appreciated by all who attended!
This charming young bikini girl, is the Pink Hat Granddaughter of Jeanie Wiggin.