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Happy Faces at Newick's Luncheon for the Queens' Council.  Sept 13th. 
Loving all the hats! Queens, Vice Queens, Co-Queens, Queen Mums, all decked out...and waiting on the bounty of the sea.
The Lovely Queen Joanne and Birthday Queen Dianne.  We had Four Hatters celebrating birthdays in September!

Queen Joanne and her VQ Pat organized and hosted the luncheon. The day was a total success from the sharing of news to the lottery ticket favors.
And of course for an excuse to wear our latest chapeaux. Queen Joanne decked hers with fall leaves.
Queen Lillian of Dover, was also celebrating her birthday  in September.  However, she had a lovely new hat purchased at Jeanie Wiggins shop in Dover, Le Petite Chapeau Rouge, and she just couldn't resist wearing it.  It has a matching purse! You can see it below on the lobster boat.
Photo on the left shows Queen Joanne awarding the Door Prize to Queen Helen. A practical tote bag filled with Red Hat treasures from Jeanie's Shop! click here to go to Jeanie's website
Queens Lillian, Amy and Katella trying to float their boat?  No, waiting for the lobsters to enter the traps? No, looking for their sister Queens? um yes.
And here they are: delightfully attired, well-fed and looking forward to their chapter meetings. 
We are missing a few in this group pic who had to leave for other committments.
And a big RED HAT THANK YOU to Rebecca the Newick's waitress who came out and took the group pic on 5 cameras... Thank you Rebecca!
Note the front row: these nimble ladies held the pose for the taking of over 5 pictures!  Same photograher switching cameras! You go ladies!
Queen Janis, Keeper of the List, explains how the Council works. QJanis does us all a great service maintaining the list of Chapters in NH and how to contact each other. Thank you Biker Queen!
Our hostesses very excited!  Queen Joanne and Vice Mother Pat hand round the trivia sheet, 12 perplexing questions on US History, Geography and one about Australia thrown in just to stretch our brain cells. FUN!
Each Queen was asked to share her chapters ideas and activities.  Here Queen Helen whose chapter name escapes me right now... sigh... tells about some fun times. 
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