A Day at the Races with the Rockingham Rubies!
August 21, 2009, Queen Beverly and her gracious chapter organized another wonderful event at the Salem Race Track. From the purple and red balloon bouquet to greet us in the parking lot, to the "everyone gets a dollar to bet, along with an angel to guide its placement" favor, it was total delight!
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"I got the horse right here, the name is Paul Revere
and here's a guy that says the weather's clear...
Can do, can do, ...."
So, in the fashion of Guys and Dolls, the Ladies in the Red Hats  put their money on the ponies...click on the link to hear the song "Fugue for the Tinhorns" from Guys and Dolls...can do!
Bet on the one with the RED HAT!!
Arrival and check-in made easy/peasy, warm and welcoming!  The Rockingham Rubies gracious hostesses...and soooo organized...
Queen Beverly and VQ Bea...Queen Beverly has a birthday coming up...hence the purple topper!  Ladies looking lovely with smiles for all.
Maid to order!  Adorable mascot!
Hats, hats and more hats! and so many shades of purple, you begin to wonder what color that is...
soup, salad, water, coffee, rolls and dessert were carried to us by a very polite, hard-workin' staff
Queen Sue of the Hearty Hudson Hatters, helps herself to the yummy buffet...
Royals enjoying the main course!
More Royals: the Royal Pink and Red Seagirls of Dover
I believe these ladies to be the charming
Roayl Red Hats of Pelham, Queen Linda, with the race track in the background!
Bets were placed and we braved the outside, where temps were in the 90's and air quality
was nil. A breathing alert for humans, but the horses persevered! (Except for the ones I bet on with the Scarlet O'Hatters of East Kingston. Those horses all managed to come in last!!)
Yay! I know these ladies...l-r: Barbara, Rosalie, Linda and Marge!
Hilda B, in a gorgeous hat and dress, awaits the next race.
BFFs, Janice and Donna, watch the horses go round for a practice-warmup lap.  Like anyone needed to warm up!
Below: the New England Steamers (of Andover MA?) sit inside to watch.
AND: Doris, of the Scarlett O'Hatters of Methuen MA, has over 50 reasons to smile and laugh, as her horse choice was a definite CAN DO!  Inspite of the weather, her horse ran a great race! 
The Door Prizes the Rockingham Rubies assembled, looked lovely and gave Hatters one more chance to walk away WINNERS!  Personally, I think anyone who attended was a winner, as the whole event was such fun.  Thanks to Queen Beverly and her great chapter of ladies!