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The 20's Roared Again at Shirley's Red Hat Party 7/31/09
we missed our friend Shirley, but she left us in good hands.  We had a blast... the lunch was yum, the prizes fun, the decorations beautifully done. Scroll to end of pictures for the song and poem performed by Queen Katella...
Janet T. of the Blue Diamond in Amesbury MA lookin' glam!
Lovely Ladies, came early, Vi is one of them... I think they may be the Funseekers...
Below we have Barbara O'Shea's Sassy Divas... oh yeah...
Royal Red Hatters enjoy lucky 13!
Just putting on purple and red, brings out the smiles!  Unfortunately, not the brain cells as I have forgotten the names...sigh
Above right:  Linda of the Scarlet O'Hatters of East Kingston and on the above left: a mix of chapters
Barbara, Pat, Janet... I really shouldnt even try to guess... but lower left is my hometown honey, new Queen Lana Lou of the Purple Starlets of Londonderry. and following are her chapterettes around the table.
OK so I'm not sure of who is in which chapter and my profound apologies...I'm not a professional ... yeesh... But the lovely ladies below could be Searles Girls, Funseekers, Red Hat Ding a Lings, Valley Girls, Have Red Hat will Travel, or Red Shabby Shics!
Wonderful headgear!  Love love love it!
There is no keepin' Queen Susan still when the music is playing she's swinging and swayin!  The Royal Elegant Diamonds and Furs...
The Purple Starlets line up, smile pretty and stand still...
Queen Rita of East Kingston and Linda, but where are my pix of the whole bunch of Scarlet O'hatters.?
Anyway, Queen Rita designed and made her own costume right down to the cigarette holder. She won best costume prize! Go Girl!
And then we danced and vamped around!!  Yeah we had fun...
Left: Mary Ann, Barbara, Moi
Below: Barbara, Dulcie and yikes... i forget Cutie
left: Linda, Rosie, Peggy blowing raspberries...
My very fine friend, Queen Edna!
Dancin' in every corner of the room.  and Tom the DJ was excellent in helping us learn the steps... Non red hatters had a great time too.
The lovely Sharron of the Divine Derry Dames, looks terrific and dances up a shimmer of red...
Sweet Dulcie and moi get in one last hug.
I really needed a really big fan to keep cool...
Hats On! Ladies!  It’s time to go!
We’re about to have fun. You can’t say no!!
Find some purple. Splash on some red.
Finish it off with a hat on your head!
Where will it be? A roaring 20’s Party?
Check the website posts and you will see,
So many friends to make us smile.
Relax, chat and visit for awhile.
Today, Shirley is our gracious host.
Let’s all stand up and give her a toast!


Now to this poem that is the end!

(and stand we did! we missed you Shirley. Hope your trip went well. catchya next time.)
Every morning, every evening, aint we got fun?
Lots of good friends, lots of good times,
Aint we got fun?
Our hats are red dears, our clothes just shout!
Let’s find a Hat Hoot and gather about!
In the winter, in the summer,
Don’t we have fun?
Times are bum and getting bummer!
Still we have fun!
There’s nothing surer,
When the hats are red,
It’s a goodtime!
It’s the best time!
We’re gonna have fun!  YEAH!  (we did!)

Nina and Rita -- may look like wallflowers...but so not!
Ruby Red Lips!  and a cell phone check...