Photos from the Holiday Hoot as hosted by the
Fabulous Queen Dee and her Seacoast Dancing Scarlet Divas
Queen Joanne, her mother and ladies of her chapter are dressed to dine and dance the day away!
My Vice Queen Joanne and I were also ready for a fun time too!
A very happy group with two reasons to celebrate: birthday girl in the middle!
The tables were beautifully set and all brought ornaments to swop!
A Santa hat is a red hat! this one boinged and lit up and fun!
Beautiful ladies from a lovely chapter ... I can't remember from where... sigh, but they were having FUN!
Lovely ladies everywhere...
The Hostesses Seacoast Scarlet Divas below, plot and plan the entertainment...
Presents everywhere surrounded by red and purple gay apparel!
Scarlet Divas dance, sing and pass out Bennies (one hundred $ bills!!
Many lovely ladies young and older, enjoying the Scarlet Divas Hoot!  below the DJ Ralph leads us in song and red napkin waving....
A very elegant setting for some very elegant ladies....
Below the conga line shimmers and shakes its way thru the Green Gate gathering!
A Red Hat made of cupcakes...cleverly creative and deelish Thanks ladies
Dress up, Dance lots, Swop gifts, Donate warm things, Laugh and Laugh some more, Sing out loud,
What a HOOT!
Below Queen Dee and Queen Joanne with the most friendly bartender who also dressed up... and his hat was most amusing...
Boxes were filled and the Scarlet Divas delivered them to a shelter. Heads, hands and hearts will be warmer because of your gnerosity. Thanks ladies.
Queen Rita and her Scarlett O'Hatters
of East Kingston.
And finally, I would like to thank the Seacoast Scarlet Divas for their kind recognition of the website. I love the poinsettias!  and I wish everyone warmth and light in the coming winter.
Happy Holidays!