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Dearest Hatters of the Realm (ie New England),
I have had many requests for photo sharing... If any of you have taken photos at events and wish to share, you can send me a link to your choice of galleries and I will try to put on this page...a link to say snapfish or kodak or the thousands of other photo galleries on line...
Some hatters haven't any cameras -- theirs were left in the closet at home  or their husbands car or loaned to an offspring OR theirs "crash" at the event - no battery no disk space etc. so for these ladies we share. 
Thank you,
 Katella of the Web Katellamg14@aol.com
The Red Hat Divas of Rochester arrive at Stone Mt.6/16/09 
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some photos from summer 2015, click on image to enlarge...Where's 2014...hmmmm