9-5, Northfield
Queen Vi Resnick and VQ Linda Fitts
The Colliston Classics, Nashua, Queen Judith
Red Hat Ladies of the Realm (NH and environs):  Hear ye Hear ye... or See ye See ye...On this page ye shall find photos of Chapters, Faces and Places. Should you wish to contact anyone, you may do so thru your Web Queen Katella email: katellamg14@aol.com
Also if your chapter/Queen is not shown here and would like to be...send photo to Web Queen with info
and it shall be so added. Go in Sunshine and Hattiness to be Fun-filled and Frivilous!
Diamonds and Furs, Derry NH. These ladies are all co-queens and co-vice queens. Pictured here Queen Linda Duquette and VQ Marie Monroe on the left; on the right:  Queen Susan Olsen and VQ Pat Boyd.  Center: Marie, Linda and Susan. This Chapter sponsors Indian Head in the Spring. 
Geany Gems, Nashua, Co-Queens
Joan Lemelin and Joan Hogan 
It's complicated, but these gals are FUN!
Hats On!, Website, 
Queen Katella Dulmage
Hudson Hearty Hatters, 
 Queen  Sue Hearns
The pictures and information below were gathered/taken at various spring and fall gatherings of the NH Queens' Council Meetings.  I'm always happy to add more.  Just send them to me. 
Ladies of the Rouge Chapeaux, Manchester, Retired Queen Maureen Boudreau, Retired VQ Sue Martin and RQ Terri Humason ... as of 11/2017 Queen Chris Hallet and VQ Anne Ormundson
Milton's Merry Milton Milliners, Milton NH, Retired Queen Linda Semco, Queen Jeanie Wiggin 8/2017
Ol' Bats in Red Hats, Epping, 
Queen Joanne Ross, Retired
VQ Mary Szymzak
Red Hat Divas of Rochester, Queen JoAnne Beaulieu, 
VQ Pat Catalfo
Red Hat FunSeekers of Manchester
Queen Kathy Persinger
VQ Claire Grooms
Red Hat Hotties, Nashua
Queen Betty Eisnor, 
 Co-Queen Jane MacMillan
Red Hat Sizzlers Manchester, 
Queen Estelle Tardiff and Founding Queen Mel Schunemann, not picutred Vice Queen Elaine Rabinovitz
Ruby Red Sisters, Manchester
Tri-Queens from left to right: 
Pauline Begin, Connie Gagne, Fran Pichette
Water Babes of Merrimack,  Queen Louise Poirer no photo available
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Don't wait! add your chapter now...send chapter info and pictures of Royalty to: katellamg14@aol.com
Red Hat Ding-a-Lings of Nashua
Queen Doris Drew...looking for new members. This chapter actually is a musical group of bell ringers who entertain at Senior Centers and Rest Homes...They will teach you how to ring. Vice Queens Joan Lemelin and
Carol Palombo
This Chapter has been dissolved
The Ladies of the Purple Plume, Manchester, Queen Sue Martin and Vice Queen Sue Marineau... Altho the lovely Sue Martin is now VQ of Ladies of the Rouge Chapeaux
Have Red Hat Will Travel!
Queen Pat Collins and Vice
Queen Marlene Latulippe
Left to Right:  Cheshire Chicks Queen Erin Robb, then Founding Queen Meg Connant; Queen of the Purple Lilac Ladies, Barbara Bohannon; Queen of the Serendipity Seekers, Caroline Driscoll
Pembroke Red Hatters Queen Janet Fortnam and VQ Regina Baxter
Rise and Shine Red Hats of Nashua NH!  Queen Delores Davis on the left and Vice Queen Lillian Richards established since 2003!
Hannah's Happy Hatters of Penacook
Queen Gail Meade and VQ Mary Ann Foster
Queen Theresa Parent of Royal Red Hats of Pelham NH (that's me in the background)  Queen Theresa was accompanied by a lovley lady whose name I will remember soon.
Dashing Darlings of Lochmere
Queen Marjorie Bonneville
AKA Queen BandERooster 
of the Pirates 'n' Wenches of Red Hat Land
Queen Nancy McDonough
Vice Queen Jackie Bast
Sassy Lassies of Dover
Below are photos from the Queens' Gathering Sep 2012, at the John O'Leary Adult Community Center, hosted by the Water Babes of Merrimack NH and Hats On! of Londonderry NH
Photo Gallery below is from Spring 2011, Fratello's Manchester NH
Had to swop places for two group photos as there was no one there but us hatters
Rockingham Rubies of Salem NH,
Queen Marilyn Hamel & Duchess Annette Cooke;  Retired Queen now Empress 
Beverly Johnson not pictured
Queen Eileen Burnell,
Luscious Lovely Ladybelles of the Lake Winni-Wenches! 
Spring Council Meeting May 19th 2013, at the Ashworth by the Sea Hampton Beach NH
above painting by Water Babes VQ Carole Vandermark, note cards available for purchase.
Sexy Sparklers Nashua NH 
Queen LindaAntonetta and VQ LeeAnne
New Chapter as of Fall 2013, 
Southern NH Sweeties of Atkinson;
Queen Darlene Atkinson!  
SCROLL WAAAAY down to see NHQC pix 
Fall New Hampshire QC Meeting Oct 19, 2013, at the Homestead in Merrimack NH Hosted by Red Hat Sizzlers of Manchester
Scarlet Flashers of Sandown 
Queen Angie Sherwood and Vice Queen Ann Cabral
NHQC Sept 14, 2014 Weathervane in Nashua hosted most graciously by the Colliston Classics and the Sexy Sparklers
Wonderful ladies, great wait staff, good food, free raffles, hilarious skit (if you were wondering what Q Linda and Q Judith were doing, Linda is trying to buy a red hat and Judith has a blue one for sale!  haha), and a royal sock monkey!  
Divine Derry Dames, Queen Lynne Anderson and VQ Lise Reichard 
Red and Purple Hats of Merrimac, Queen Irene Emma and VQ Colleen Armstrong
Purple Starlets of Londonderry
Queen Lana Stearns and VQ Mary Plante
Searles Girls of Windham
Queen ?   VQ Pat Russell