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            Mardi Gras Extravangza
  and Costume Party
          Produced and Directed by Lady Olga Sysyn and her great crew of Red Hat Sizzlers and Granddaughter
    Saturday, May 9th, 2009

Make a Jester/Gesture
Glam it up
Kick it up!
The hall looked great, with many and varied decorations to transport us to Bourbon Street.
The Red Hat Sizzlers of Manchester! They made us welcome and laughter abounded!
Below is the ever-classy Olga Sysyn the driving force behind the Mardi Gras and her granddaughter, who master-minded the fabulous decorations.  Giving them an appreciative hug is me!
The elegant Queen Lorry greets the revelers with a blah blah blah speech!  Laissez les bon temps rollez!  Let the good times roll! Says Queen Lorry. And we did....
Retired Queen Mel and her favorite Mum, who will be 90 in Sept this year.
The Pumpkin Lady went on to be crowned Queen of the Mardi Gras. See below.
Sharron, Maxine, Priscilla, three charming flappers and one Dame in dis dress! and me over on the far left
And the FANtastic masks and costumes to make you gasp and laugh and wonder why you didn't shop there...
Lovely Lovely Lovely, Ladies of the 9 to 5 chapter.
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Beads and Birds!  Way to celebrate!
Feathers in the air,
Ladies smilin' everywhere!
A Red Hat Damsel glows as she contemplates the colorful companion at her table... and the mysterious chap in the background.??
We decided he was a Mardi Gras Wizard sprinkling us with magic..
The tables were well set and appreciated by all.
Ladies were Glam and Fun all rolled into one.
Meow! Wow, the masks, the colors, the souvenirs of trips to New Orleans! Beautiful ceramic pins of white face masks.
The Royal Elegant Diamonds and Furs never disappoint. Fresh from their weekend retreat at Indian Head, they are decked and ready to Rock and Roll.
The Glamorous Marie above and the glorious butterfly lady on the left.
Queen Susan smiles as she lusts after beads... How to get those beads? She has the secret...Show some flesh and they'll throw you beads!! Mostly we just fell on the floor laughing...
Queen Susan's best bud, Queen Linda, below, maintains her elegantness while whistling through those ruby red lips.
A quieter group of Red Hat Sizzlers enjoying the show and play of all the Good time Groups of Gals in hats and masks reveling in the Mardi Gras atmosphere.
Winona knows how to entice New Englanders... Lobster Lady!  She poses by the Mardi Gras float!
Queen Lorry and Queen Katella find the smiles just keep coming... What a great day for all who attended.
Another happy hatting group...
danged if I can remember their chapter name... yeesh... I am always w/o paper.  Take notes
I tell myself... These ladies had some fun times in their fun outfits...
The nun in the Red Hat Sizzler chapter, didnt hesitate to remove her bad habit!  Revealing a union suit...Much to the delight of all, she wiggled her trap door around the dance floor!
I didn't catch a good shot of the Las Vegas stripper or the banjo band, but believe me they were very entertaining. The band played some "old" songs and we all sang along... Ain't she sweet... or yes we were...
Thanks to the Red Hat Sizzlers for a wonderful Saturday.  The food from the Backroom was Yum and the servers were very pleasant and helpful.  Everything was well-planned out and we all had FUN!
Good Times and many thanks to all the Red Hat Sizzlers for their Mardi Gras Presentation.