The Purple Starlets of Londonderry NH
(led by VQ Brenda and Queen Lana above)
Held one rockin' ruckus fun-filled day
-----Hometown Halloween Hoot!-----
October 27th 2012, Saturday Never to be Forgotten!

The Purple Starlets worked tirelessly, cooking, baking, decorating AND lending us their men folk to keep us laughing and entertained!
Thank you ladies!  You are a terrific group!  click on an image to enlarge...the photos are from the cameras of VQ Maxine of Rockin' Rubies, Queen Linda of Miltons' Merry Milners, and Queen Katella of Hats On!  (I say from the "cameras of" because cameras flew around and many many were taken NOT by the owners but by the wonder- fully helpful and well-dressed attendees)

Very impressive outfits! Red Hatters did not disappoint!  The Purple Starlets put on a fantastic day and their "guests" truly added just the right festive - join - in - the FUN!

These photos below just in from Queen Tinker Belle of ME's Angelic Divas!