Was an exceptionally fun day. Can we parade or what?! Photos by John and Kyra Dulmage and Mel Schunemen. Thanks so much!
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Thanks to all who joined in the fun of our Memorial Day Weekend Parade at
the NH Fisher Cats.
To the Left: All decorated and hangin' 'round the "float"  That's my car with a red hat on top & in front!
Below: Queen Lorry and banner holdin' friends. The Sizzlers led us in song all the way round the field.
Queen Sue and the Hudson Hearty Hatters!
Below: more Hatters and our coordinator liaison
Joel Leroy of the NH Fisher Cats behind the scenes team.  He's such a nice young man!!
Queen Helen? Yikes I've lost it..
happily greets Queen Katella-me!
Below: Pink Hatter Kyra Dulmage, manuevers the "float" around the field at the direction of Joel.
Seacoast Scarlet Divas brought red and purple balloons to the delight of all.  Everyone's hats, shoes and outfits made the parade a fashion show as well.  Below: The Granite Red Hatters.
Below: Is this the Chichester Group? Anyway, they were very cheery with their pom poms and flag and spinner! We liked It.
It was a loooong way around the field but we gamely marched on under the jumbotron here..Waving, singing and laughing all the way.
When we arrived at the back of the stadium to assemble our Parade, it was cool and cloudy...the riverside air was full of May flies (aka bloodsucking black flies). But undaunted, we all had bug spray or bug towelettes. Later it would rain on us, but again we just pulled out rainhats, ponchos and umbrellas. When the sizzlin' sun finally arrived... we had sunscreen... Forget the boy scouts always being prepared... Red Hatters Rule!
to the Left:
Kathy and Joan opt to sit in the stands and watch the parade.Kathy had a great patriotic red hat with a map of the USA on the back.
To the Right: I couldn't believe that Joel had managed to get our NH Logo on the jumbotron... from our webpage!! So much fun to see it there. We were all very excited
To the Left: We are in the home stretch nearing third base. We've gone over two practice pitcher mounds..
Below: the float contains Terry of the Red Hat Sizzlers waving to the crowds in the stands. Linda is in the backseat but is covered by red hat windows.
Live action on the Jumbotron
To the Left: Queen Katella (me) stopped in my tracks by the Trenton Thunder Pitcher to explain what the heck a Red Hat Society is. After hearing the explanation, he exclaimed: "I have one of those at home, a Perfect candidate for the Red Hats, that's my wife!"
Below: more marching
More great groups of participants and me with a memory like a sieve. I know these names... just can't think of them now... I love you all inspite of my mental failings.
Below:  Queen Rosemary of the New London Granite Red Hatters marching with her gals and then with me in my rain/sunbrella hat and her in her Queenly Western Bonnet.
Happy to be into the home stretch and I do mean stretch as the Fisher Cats go thru their paces to warm up for the game.
Ramblin' Ruby and her gals are ready to take their seats in the stadium after that long march, which was really fun but dem ol' bones of mine were longin' for a rest.
Above and below: The husbands in attendance even wore red hats to lend their support.also below left is when it rained...we laugh at the rain!  some ladies moved up under the overhang...we are a can do group!
Dutchy Westerberg of the Dazzlin' Divas, Lakes Region, threw a first pitch in honor of her Birthday. Note the baseball type outfit with athletic socks!! Way to go Dutchy! you made us proud.