NH boasts over 100 chapters in the National Red Hat Society, Headed by Queen Mother Sue Ellen Cooper.
This website adheres to her rules and regulations and proudly wears our Red Hat. I urge all Hatters to sign up with HatQuarters for $20 a year to maintain the integrity of our organization! Less than $2 a month. 
New Hampshire Red Hat Society

"We don't take hugs for granite!"
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Q: When to wear a Red Hat?
A: Age 50 and beyond
Q: When to wear a Purple Hat?
A: During your birth month, your chapter's anniversary month &/or National Red Hat Society's "birth month" -- April.
Q: Why a pink hat?
A: Having fun with the over 50 set but haven't had that birthday yet....
Queen of HATS ON!
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Saturday, Sept 23, 2017:
 NH Queens' Council hosted by Queen Irene Emma at the O'Leary Center in Merrimack NH 

October 5th, 2017 the Rockingham Rubies with the Salem Lions Club present their annual fund raiser at the Pelham Inn. 6pm - till all the prizes are won!

Purple Startlets of Londonderry NH
AS OF 8-8: SOLD OUT SOLD OUT                  October 15, 2017
      Theme: Hooray for Hollywood!     
Queen Lana Stearns presiding. 20 Chapters have registered! woot woot


March 24, 2018, A Royal Ball to celebrate the 20th birthday of the RHS! Presented by the Royal Elegant Diamonds; Lawrence MA Elks Club; Queens Susan Olsen and Linda Duquette presiding.

Hollyberries of ME present a Mardi Gras April 14,2018 at the Regata in Elliot ME
details pending Queen Jeanne presiding

20th Red Hat Society Birthday Bash hosted by the Upper NY State Queens' Council April 27-29, 2018

Updated: 08-8-2017
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Send me your multi chapter event plans and I will publish and help you reach our Red Hat Ladies.
Queen Irene took her Merrimac Red and Purple Hatters to Bar Irene on an outing to Vermont
Or a Beach Party This one with the Merry Milton Milliners ... have fun and send me pix!